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New product (GLP-01)
Date£º2009-06-23 08:44:35 Read£º8592

About HDW-GLP001:
Product Name: Green Laser Pen
Appearance and Color:Black
Output Wavelength:532 nm
Output Power:1-150mw
Battery :2PCS/AAA
Features: ¢Å Continuous Wave
¢Æ working time over 8000 hours
¢Ç Fixed focus, green dot facula, continuous output
Working Voltage£ºDC=3.2V
Trigger Voltage£ºDC=2.8V
Working Temperature£º0¡æ¡«£«40¡æ
Storage Temperature£º-10¡æ¡«£«50¡æ

Important safety information:

GLP-01 lasers may have an output power of up to 500 mW (half a watt). GLP-01 lasers may have sufficient power to cause an eye injury, both from the direct beam and from reflections. The higher the output power of the device the greater the risk of injury. GLP-01 lasers are therefore considered hazardous to the eye. However, the extent and severity of any eye injury arising from an exposure to the laser beam of a GLP-01 laser will depend upon several factors including the radiant power entering the eye and the duration of the exposure. NEVER point a laser pointer
into the eye otherwise irreversible damage will occur and NEVER allow children to use any laser pointer

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